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About Arka


For over 10 years, our aim has been to support the operation of businesses of all sizes, enabling them to succeed in what they do best.

Our courses are recognised by leading recognised awarding bodies in the UK, and provide our customers with formal, accredited qualifications for staff training.

The majority of our customers are in the retail and hospitality sector. Here we specialise in delivering a variety of services designed to support the running of a business, as well as offering comprehensive staff training and licensing qualifications.

We offer specific, tailored support that helps our customers both comply with the necessary laws and regulations, whilst allowing them to continue to grow as businesses.


One of the most popular courses that people come to us for is the Award for Personal License Holders (or APLH) – an award certificate that must be obtained by businesses in England and Wales wishing to sell or supply alcohol on licensed premises.

Along with the APLH, we also offer the SCPLH (Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders) which applies to businesses in Scotland who also require the authority to supply or sell alcohol.

Aside from Personal License Courses, we offer training in a wide range of courses covering Food Safety & Hygiene, Health & Safety, and First Aid, as well as Hospitality Courses designed to improve business performance by developing customer service & managerial skills such as conflict management.


We pride ourselves on our comprehensive course preparation materials, providing learners with the opportunity to begin their training before they’ve even set foot in the classroom & ensuring a confident learning experience throughout. We’re also unique in that we never charge for retakes.

We consistently achieve a 95% pass rate and beyond for our customers

Since forming, we have trained and presented qualifications in licensing (personal licence), food hygiene qualifications, health and safety qualifications, and first aid courses for thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses.

Due to our excellent record, we’re often the first point of recommendation for businesses who have recently been visited by local authority inspectors and found to be not in compliance with the latest laws and regulations.


We currently have over 50 training centres throughout the UK. Alternatively, we are able to visit you at your venue or workplace if you require 3 or more staff members to be trained.


You can book online now using the quick look-up bar at the top of this page. Or if you’d like to talk to a member of our team, please call (+44) 0 20 3405 1886. Alternatively, you can find out more about our courses here.