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Premises Licence Applications

Premises Licence Applications are made to the local council within the area of your premises. If your premises retail alcohol then you will also need one or more personal licence holders (see below) to authorise sales.

When is a Premises Licence Required?

A Premises Licence is required where licensable activities take place, such as:

Retail of Alcohol
The sale or supply of alcohol for consumption either on or off premises. (One or more personal license holders are also required to retail alcohol from premises – this can be achieved through taking the personal license course).

Late Night Refreshment
The sale of hot food or drink during the hours of 23:00-5:00 for consumption either on or off premises.

Regulated Entertainment
E.g. Performances of dances or plays, indoor sporting events, exhibition of film, recorded & live music, combined fighting sports, and boxing or wrestling.

The Application Process

  1. Using your instructions, we complete and submit the application forms to your local council
  2. We copy in ‘responsible authorities’ into your premises licence application
  3. We correspond with the relevant authorities and agree conditions for the grant of the licence with both them and yourself
  4. Your premises licence is granted

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