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Licensing Consultancy Services

Professional Consultancy

For customers who require professional assistance with the licensing process, Arka Training offer full consultancy services for a wide range of premises, including event spaces, bars & restaurants, nightclubs, and retail.

We’re experienced in delivering support to a variety of cases, from short turnaround assignments to long term operational solutions.

If you own or operate from licenced premises then chances are you’ve had to handle a licensing related issue. This can typically be quite an arduous and stressful task if your knowledge in licensing matters is limited.

As well as successfully dealing with statutory authorities to achieve a positive outcome for numerous clients, we also offer audits on an ongoing basis to ensure that premises promote the licensing objectives, whilst remaining compliant with latest laws. By running these ongoing reviews, we work with our clients to implement corrective measures by identifying issues before they come to the attention of authorities.

Who is Consultancy For?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the below then you may find licensing consultancy beneficial.

  • Are your premises under scrutiny by statutory authorities?
  • Do you want to make a premises licence application?
  • Does your premises promote the four licensing objectives?
  • Is your premises licence currently at risk/being reviewed?

What We Offer

Seeking professional advice from one of our licensing consultants prior to submitting a licence application is highly recommended in order to avoid costly errors incurred due to poorly judged or incorrectly filled applications.

Premises Licence Applications

Personal Licence Applications

Minor Variations to a Premises Licence

Licensing Review

Licensing Compliance Audit