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Minor Variations to a Premises Licence

We offer a comprehensive minor variation service to clients who wish to make small changes to their existing premises licence.

When is a Minor Variation Required?

Applications for minor variations are necessary when owners of premises licences need to make operational changes to their license, without affecting the licensing objectives, for a number of reasons:

Adding permitted licensable activities – Offer a new form of regulated entertainment or late night refreshment that it not covered by their current license.

Changes to permitted hours – Make small changes to the hours in which regulated entertainment and late night refreshment are provided on their premises– not related to the sale of alcohol.

Changes to operating hours – Make small changes to the hours in which members of the public are permitted on the premises. (This is usually changed to aid in dispersal at closing times.)

Removal of premises licence conditions – In the case that conditions are no longer applicable to the premises, these can be applied for to be removed. The removal of these conditions are only accepted when existing conditions are no longer relevant due to circumstance.

Changes to the premises structure – When layout changes affect fixed structures in the workplace, a new plan must be submitted, accepted only when it is established that these changes will not affect emergency evacuation routes or the capacity of the premises.

The Submission Process

  • We discuss your minor variation requests with you
  • We contact the relevant authorities and local licensing authority
  • We submit the application on your behalf
  • You are sent your revised premises licence & certificate to summarise

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